Auntie Mame Black Gold Caftan
Auntie Mame Black Gold Caftan
Auntie Mame Black Gold Caftan
Auntie Mame Black Gold Caftan

    Auntie Mame Black Gold Caftan


      "Caftan is code for a certain level of urbanity, a possibly scandalous past of a woman who's seen it all and done plenty of it and is comfortable in that knowledge, The flowing, luxuriously-hued garment stands almost as a souvenir of a life well lived and far-flung, saying so much and showing so little. (Oh this old thing? I won it in a baccarat game one night in Monte Carlo and worried I'd left it behind in the viscount's room when I had to flee before the maid showed up.) Caftans whisper, "I don't need to show you what's under here, I am perfectly comfortable in my skin, but if you ask—I might tell you something that might make you blush, will certainly make you envious." They're the perfect garment to wear to dinner...
      I've always got a stack of freshly laundered or brand-new caftans to offer to guests so they may loll about in comfort, freed of waistbands, buttons, or other discomforts wrought by a lavish meal."
      These wonderful words by Kat Kinsman tell you everything you need to know about caftans!

      Free-sized, urbane, and makes you feel utterly fabulous in your own skin - that's caftans for you.

      Available with the optional extra of a turban for those who truly love to embrace their most fabulous Auntie Mame. This one is a black knit with gold thread running through it. Slightly sheer, with a geometric flower print in the thread. See photo of sleeve for a closer look at the fabric, or take a look at the video.


      • Handmade
      • Ships from a small business in Australia
      • Materials: polyester
      • Size: one size (plus) au women's